Cycles of Life: Civilization and the Biosphere

Cycles of Life: Civilization and the Biosphere front cover




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Nature, 1997.

"Chemistry for better living? At our current rate of chemical overdose, it may or may not be possible, but with Cycles of Life for a roadmap we might view the cycles with clarity enough to control our chemistry."
Bloomsbury Review

"[Cycles of Life] investigates the cycles operating within the biosphere, and provides a look at the connections between the many forces at work in the world in which we live . . . . [It] will appeal to both biologists and non-biologists who wish to gain an understanding of the life cycle in which we actively participate."

"A delightful and thoughtful work on the intricate dance of Earth’s biospheric constituents."
—John Katzenberger, Director, Aspen Global Change Institute

"Cycles of Life gives an excellent historical perspective on our contemporary understanding of global biogeochemistry . . . For this topic, I can’t think of a better volume aimed at the general audience."
—Christopher S. Potter, Ecosystem Research Scientist, NASA Ames Research Center

"Smil brilliantly combines history and the newest developments in our understanding of biogeospheric cycles. By starting from a world without life and then showing how living organisms have influenced these cycles, he gives a fascinating picture of how life has shaped and is shaping our Earth.
—Thomas Kuhlbusch, NRC Associate, EPA Ecosystems Research Division